Wednesday, 8 July 2009


* Only two colours - brilliant red or solid white with a black finish roof top.
* New front, rear (with faux diffuser design) and side skirts.
* A new front grille with black finish.
* Leather seats, door trim and steering wheel
* Pearl white instrument cluster
* Dark chrome air-conditioning vents
* CD player with MP3 support

As previously mentioned, the Saga SE manual is priced at RM43,000 while the automatic transmission model is priced at RM45,500. It is available for booking now for RM500, but the cars will only be in the showrooms from the 15th of August 2009 onwards.

kasutkularrie- fuhhhhhh...mengancam beb...semoga kualitinya bagus...oppsss yg biru tu model lama bukan SE...tu kete aku daaaa.....baru 2 minggu beli dah keluar model baru..cittttt! #$@%#@$%$%^%^%%**

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